Four UK schools evacuated after invasion of false widow spiders

4 October 2018, 12:27

false widow spider
false widow spider. Picture: getty creative

Thousands of children are reportedly being kept at home while the schools desperately attempt to catch the spiders before more eggs hatch.

Britain's deadliest spiders have been found in four British schools, forcing them to close their doors until further notice.

Lister Community School, Star Primary, Ellen Wilkinson Primary and Rokeby Secondary School in London have all been closed so pest control can exterminate the eggs 'before they start hatching'.

Headteacher at Star Primary, Lisle Von Buchenroder, said: "It was with much regret that I had to make the decision to close the school yesterday as the safety and well-being of pupils and staff is always our number one priority.

"I was made aware of an infestation of noble false black widow spiders which was discovered during a routine check by Newham’s Environmental Team.

false widow spider
false widow spider. Picture: getty

"They believe that the infestation is contained to the outside of the building and that this needs to be treated immediately before the eggs start hatching.

"I want to reassure all members of our community that these are precautionary measures and that we are very lucky to have found out in time to take action to remove them.

"After speaking to the Environmental Team this morning, I do regretfully have to inform you that I am advised the school treatment plan will happen in two phases, starting tomorrow."

"We will update you next week as to when we expect the school to reopen."

What are False Widow Spiders?

False Widow spiders are the UK's most poisonous type of arachnid. They have dark-coloured globular bodies and range from 9.5 to 14 mm in size.

Are False Widow Spiders deadly?

While False Widow rarely causes death they can be incredibly painful, and could be fatal if a young and vulnerable child was bitten.

Those who have been bitten can experience symptoms such as severe pain radiating from the bite along with a fever.