UK to be ravaged by a whopping four days of thunder and lightening starting tomorrow

16 October 2019, 15:28

Lightening wil hit Britain
Lightening wil hit Britain. Picture: PA
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

We've had an okay-ish few days but the end of the week will bring with it some horrible weather.

Britain is set to be pelted by a ridiculous amount of thundering downpours over the rest of the week, say The Met Office.

The October washout has been well underway the past few weeks, despite a short break over the past couple of days.

As of Thursday, we'll be welcomed with thunder and lightening according to weather reports and they won't stop until Monday.

Thunder and lightening can be expected across the UK
Thunder and lightening can be expected across the UK. Picture: PA

It'll be a gloomy weekend, with the Environment Agency issuing a whopping nine flood warnings and 56 alerts today in England, however, the risk of flooding will soon disappear.

A spokesman for said: "A large area of low pressure out in the Atlantic will creep towards the north-west of Ireland on Thursday.

"(This) will bring a strengthening southwesterly wind across the west and also bring increasing showers or longer spells of rain across western areas through the day.

"Some showers also pushing in across southern counties and perhaps the Midlands.

"However, eastern areas of England and Scotland could stay dry and sunny until later in the day... even here (we) could see showers arrive in the evening."

Today, temperatures won't reach any higher than 16C, with lows of around 5C in Scotland.

It won't be a nice weekend
It won't be a nice weekend. Picture: PA

Tonight the majority of the country will experience clear skies and no rain and it'll maintain through the evening, with possible scattered showers in the west.

Tomorrow morning we can also expect dry weather but it won't last long, as throughout the afternoon and evening any showers will become vert heavy, worsening on Friday.