I Can't Believe It's Not Buddha! Comedian Lee Mack explores spirituality in new podcast

10 September 2020, 11:01

Lee Mack is going on a spiritual journey... care to join him?
Lee Mack is going on a spiritual journey... care to join him? Picture: Heart

Joined by his pal Neil Webster, funnyman Lee looks at his own experiences with meditation, and questions if it is time he started on the path to real spiritual enlightenment.

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Comedian Lee Mack has long had an interest in Buddhism, mindfulness and the possibility of leading a more spiritual life.

After a few years of dabbling in meditation, he feels the time has come to decide once and for all whether he should seriously seek spiritual enlightenment.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Buddha is a new podcast which finds Lee and his friend Neil taking their first (often clumsy) steps on the road to nirvana.

From picking which type of Buddhism to follow to contemplating what a woodland creature would say to you if you asked it the time, Lee and Neil explore the principles and practices of Buddhism in a way that spiritual practice has never been explored before… possibly for very good reason.

Lee Mack said: “My mate Neil, who I’m doing this podcast with, convinced me that the Buddhist way is about us all being one entity, so I should write a quote on behalf of us both, as my voice is also his voice.

"Although I have just realised he’s just being lazy and getting me to do all the admin, which has annoyed me a bit. So in summary, we’re doing a podcast about Buddhism where we could definitely both do with a bit of enlightenment.”

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Buddha launches on 16th September, with new episodes every Wednesday.