Dancing On Ice star Matt Evers presents The Truth, The Gay Truth & Nothing But The Truth

27 January 2020, 00:02 | Updated: 17 February 2020, 12:03

Matt Evers invites you to peak behind the pink curtain
Matt Evers invites you to peak behind the pink curtain. Picture: Global

Matt Evers invites a selection of special guests on to his podcast to discuss showbiz tea, dating exes and inspirational stories that have shaped their lives.

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Everyone wants to see behind the pink curtain and now you can!

With humour and heart, insight and inspiration, Dancing on Ice's Matt Evers and the fabulous Ruby Murray will welcome a plethora of LGBTQ+ friends and family to their podcast extravaganza.

They'll be covering everything under the sun from the latest showbiz tea, dating exes and ex’s inspirational stories of past and present.

They will also be asking their guests to take the Holy Gay-rail oath to tell their absolute truth, inspired by a “cock-tail” corner to get their best chat started.

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