Joe Wicks on the moment he told his kids they were having another baby

18 March 2022, 12:18

Joe Wicks talks about fatherhood and expecting another baby with Heart Breakfast

Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Joe Wicks tells Heart Breakfast about the hilarious moment he revealed to his children they were becoming siblings again.

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Joe Wicks, 36, was our guest on Heart Breakfast on Friday morning, where he caught up with Jamie Theakston and Zoe Harman – in for Amanda Holden – about his new cook book and family life.

During the chat, the TV personality and fitness expert opened up about expecting a third baby, only days after announcing his wife, Rosie, is pregnant.

Talking about fatherhood and growing his family, Joe said: "I love being a parent, it's my favourite thing, and we've got a new one coming in September".

Joe Wicks joined Jamie Theakston and Zoe Hardman on Heart Breakfast
Joe Wicks joined Jamie Theakston and Zoe Hardman on Heart Breakfast. Picture: Heart

Talking about the moment he revealed the news to his two children, Indie and Marley, Joe explained: "We told Indie and I've never seen her react like it, she burst into tears and screamed for 20 minutes, and then she settled down and was like 'I'm really happy'.

"For some reason her brain just couldn't compute it, and she was screaming for 20 minutes flat-out. She was traumatised.

"We couldn't go near her, and then she came out from under the bed and she was like 'mummy's having a baby!' and really excited."

While Joe and Rosie are yet to find out the gender of their new baby, they're already planning to have a fourth.

He told Jamie and Zoe: "When I go to events and I see a family with like four or five kids, and you see them from teenager to small, I see that as a really amazing thing that they're having fun and they're growing together."

He added: "And I've got a bit of space to fill my house up with another baby."

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