New police campaign to target reckless drivers

29 April 2019, 07:26

Police generic

Drivers who flout speed limits, use mobile phones or do not wear a seat belt will be targeted in a week-long operation by Police Scotland.

Officers will focus on motorists driving at inappropriate speeds, which they say contributes significantly to serious and fatal injuries suffered by people involved in crashes.

A total of 15 people have died in road traffic collisions in Scotland since April 1.

The campaign to promote safer driving runs from Monday to the following Sunday, May 5.

Chief Inspector Mark Patterson, of the road policing division, said: "Every driver knows they have to obey the posted speed limit, to not recklessly distract themselves by using handheld devices and that wearing a seat belt in the front or back of a motor vehicle has been compulsory now for decades.

"Our latest campaign will focus on educating errant motorists through enforcement rather than education or warnings.

"That most likely means a monetary fine and points on the driver's licence."

He added: "For probationary drivers the risks are even greater - one mobile phone/device offence will mean a hefty fine, six penalty points and disqualification from driving until a further driving test is passed.

"With the modern communication and warning systems now present in most motor vehicles, there is simply no excuse for heedlessly exceeding speed limits, using a handheld device or not buckling up and telling your passengers to do likewise."

The campaign will be led by road policing division, with support from the safety camera units deployed across the country.

A similar, week-long initiative in February caught 423 speeding drivers and a further 1,164 offences were detected by the safety camera units.