What’s Lewis Capaldi’s net worth and how is the Someone You Loved singer related to Peter Capaldi?

26 April 2019, 11:48

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The Scottish singer, who is supposedly worth $10 million, hit the jackpot when his single Someone You Loved reached number one in the UK Singles Chart

Lewis Capaldi shot to fame after landing his first number one single, Someone You Loved, in early 2019.

The Scottish singer, 22, has spent 18 months fighting for a hit record following the release of his first EP Bloom – and now sells out music venues all over the country.

But how much is Lewis’ net worth? And what’s his bank balance? Here, we take a look at the star’s growing fortune.

Lewis Capaldi Performs In Milan
Lewis Capaldi Performs In Milan. Picture: Getty

Who is Lewis Capaldi and how old is he?

Lewis Capaldi is a Scottish singer who first hit the music scene after the release of his debut EP Bloom in October 2017.

He was born in Glasgow in 1996, currently making him 22 years old.

Reports claim he first picked up a guitar when he was just nine and has been playing ever since.

The rising star, who has been gigging in pubs since the age of 12, recently sold out his UK and Ireland 2019 tour in a matter of minutes.

What’s Lewis Capaldi’s net worth?

His net worth has been estimated at a whopping $10 million, however the BRIT Awards nominee was outraged at the "nonsense" claims and set the record straight with a video on social media.

Lewis said: “So I have a day off in Cincinnati, I thought for a laugh I'd Google it and see what the Internet says about my net worth.

“It says according to Forbes and Wikipedia, Lewis Capaldi's estimated net worth is $10million. I have less than £200 in my bank right now."

The 22-year-old continued to rant about the “false information” and added that he was still living at home with his parents and was "kicking about in the same clothes he has for six months".

How is the Someone You Loved singer related to Peter Capaldi?

The Scottish star is related to Dr Who actor Peter Capaldi through his father.

"My dad and my aunties told me we were related to Peter a while ago. I think he’s my dad’s second cousin," he told The Daily Record.

"Whenever he came on the TV they’d always say ‘You’re related to Malcolm Tucker’ or ‘you’re related to Doctor Who.'"

Lewis recently met the award-winning actor when he turned up to one his latest gigs in London.

“None of us had met him though so when my agent mentioned he’d been in touch asking about coming to my show in London I said ‘yes, of course!'

"He came backstage afterwards to say hello and we had a great chat.

"We talked a bit about the family connection and he said he really liked the music, so that was really nice of him. He’s a really cool guy.

"It’s a big inspiration to have someone who’s so successful in the family."

Lewis Capaldi - Rush (Official Audio) ft. Jessie Reyez

What are his biggest songs?

Lewis is most famous for his hit single Someone You Loved, which he released in February 2019.

He dropped his first EP, Bloom, 18 months before in October 2017 – a record which he produced with Grammy award-winner Malay.

It features singles Fade, Mercy and Lost On You but Lewis puts the EP’s success down to its most famous track, Bruises, which racked up over 10 million streams in its first ten weeks.

The young musician has also just released a brand new single, Rush, which features Jessie Reyez.