Tributes To Popular DJ Killed In Crash On M40

25 April 2019, 17:13 | Updated: 25 April 2019, 17:21

Sunny Bangar

The family of a DJ who died in a crash just off the M40 near Wheatley say he was truly loved by everyone.

Sunny Bangar was heading home to Slough after dropping off his young daughter on Easter Sunday, when his Audi convertible crashed into a roundabout at the top of the slip road from junction 8A at Wheatley.  It landed on its roof, and 34-year-old Sunny died at the scene.

His family have released the following tribute:

“Music is one of the most subjective things in life. One person’s anthem is another person’s elevator music.

“But this year, would have been our brother, Sunny Bangar’s year to unleash his musical talents. For 34 years of his life, his joyous rhythm consistently kept himself upbeat, throughout the many highs and lows one has to face.

“Continuing with daily life, on the 21 April 2019, Sunny was on his way home after dropping his much-loved, five-year old daughter Alisha, to her mother’s home in Birmingham.

“On his journey back, Sunny was tragically involved in a fatal car accident on the M40, by the Oxford service station.

“He was pronounced dead at the scene, leaving complete turmoil and devastation behind.

“People from all walks of life have honoured him and his charismatic ways, as he always had such an uplifting and positive aura to share.

“His consistent smile and support for others gave many people hope that such individuals existed.

“Much like his father, who sadly passed away two years ago after suffering from cancer, both were so alike in their adoration for their children, kindred hearts, and bringing so much joy to others.

“Sunny’s passion for music ran through every vessel of his, which made his hands and feet tap to every beat.

“In the music industry, DJ Bangar, was renowned for his musical contributions all over the country and played alongside some famous Bhangra artists.

“He was incredibly ambitious in all that he wanted to achieve and was adamant to become significantly established within the industry.

“He worked with Higher Class DJ Entertainment and was due to release his track this year.

“Whilst setting high expectations of himself musically, he also committed himself to his security services at the O2 (Bath Road, Slough).

“Being front of house ensured his mischievous and loving personality oozed out each and every day with his colleagues and those around him.

“His humour and smile touched so many whilst working there. Unbeknown to Sunny, he was due to receive an award for his contributions to his company with his team.

“This just shows how dedicated he was to all that he was devoted to; his music and his work.

“Additionally, everyone that truly knew Sunny knew that being a doting father, a pillar of strength for his widowed mother and a shoulder to lean on for siblings was of great importance to him.

“His time with his family meant everything. The Bangar family are in complete and utter shock and dealing with their grief privately.

“The support and outpour from people all over the country, near and far, has not been unnoticed.

“Sunny was truly loved by all and there will forever be a void in many hearts. In his daughter’s words, “DJ Daddy is the best”.