MAFS Australia's Timothy takes brutal swipe at Jack as their feud escalates

7 May 2024, 16:01

MAFS Australia's Timothy has taken a swipe at fellow groom Jack
MAFS Australia's Timothy has taken a swipe at fellow groom Jack. Picture: Nine

By Hope Wilson

Timothy has taken aim at fellow MAFS Australia groom Jack as their messy arguments rage on.

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Married At First Sight Australia groom Timothy Smith, 51, has called out Jack Dunkley, 34, in a recent podcast episode, showing that there's definitely no love lost between these two.

After having a war of words on the show, it looks like relations between Timothy and Jack have continued to worsen since leaving the experiment.

Speaking on the Project 23 with Luke Erwin podcast, Timothy was asked how he felt about Jack to which he replied: "I think Jack and Tori are absolutely built for each other."

He went on to add: "Big shout out to Jacky boy for making me look good because I tell you what without you on the season. You made it easy for me to look good. You are a f****** by the way."

Timothy from MAFS Australia has called out fellow groom Jack
Timothy from MAFS Australia has called out fellow groom Jack. Picture: Nine

But this isn't the first time Timothy has called out Jack, as earlier this year the 51-year-old was filmed calling the groom a "f****** liar".

During a cast get-together, Timothy was joined by former partner Lucinda Light, 42, and Lauren Dunn, 32, to reveal all about their fellow participants.

At the dinner, Timothy was asked about his nemesis Jack and his wife Tori Adams, 27, to which the groom replied: "I did get a phone call from Jack's ex, which actually answered a lot of questions, which made the show make complete sense, you f****** liar."

Timothy then went on the state that Jack was "full of s*** from head to toe" and was "doing everybody."

Jack often argued with Timothy on MAFS Australia
Jack often argued with Timothy on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

But despite these very public insults, Jack has stayed relatively quiet about his fallout with Timothy, only briefly mentioning their arguments on Gina & Matty on Star 104.5.

Speaking about filming with Timothy, Jack said: "There was tension there. Everyone understands that you're filming a TV show so you do bring a little bit extra heat I suppose and passion at these dinner parties and events.

"However I can tell you now Timothy seemed to, he had a bee under his bonnet. I think Jayden, like myself, we were under the man's skin."

Watch Timothy discuss Jack on MAFS Australia here:

Jack calls fellow MAFS cast whales

Jack continued: "I feel like he was going home and probably losing sleep over it whereas I couldn't give a s***, Jayden couldn't give a s*** then we rock up at these dinner parties and you could feel it, you knew it was coming.

"I'm okay, I'm the kind of man that could shake your hand and say 'look we don't get along we don't see eye to eye, we don't need to pretend'.

"I'd rather that come across from a man's point of view than shake someone's hand and pretend you like them. I feel like that's where me and Timothy were at as well."

MAFS Australia groom Jack has faced backlash from Timothy
MAFS Australia groom Jack has faced backlash from Timothy. Picture: Nine

This latest call out comes after Timothy accused Richard Sauerman, 62, and Jayden Eynaud, 26, of getting a better edit than they should have.

The TV star was quizzed by comedian Amy Dickinson on whether there were any season 11 cast members who weren't 'villainized' on the show but should have been.

Tim responded: "Jayden. Jayden was a villain." Before going on to add: "To be honest, I thought Richard got of very, very lightly. I thought he got off lightly."