MAFS Australia's Jono reveals experts are 'fed lines through earpiece' and would 'nap' during filming

7 May 2024, 16:02

MAFS Australia's Jono McCullough has called out expert John Aiken
MAFS Australia's Jono McCullough has called out expert John Aiken. Picture: Nine

By Hope Wilson

MAFS Australia's controversial couple Jono and Ellie have called out the experts in a recent podcast episode.

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Married At First Sight Australia groom Jonathan McCullough, 40, has claimed that the MAFS experts are 'fed lines' through earpieces and alleges that relationship guru John Aiken, 53, 'had a nap' whilst filming.

After confirming their relationship at the reunion, Jono and his girlfriend Ellie Dix, 32, have now spilled all the behind-the-scenes gossip from MAFS Australia.

During an interview on the Project 23 with Luke Erwin podcast, the couple revealed that experts– Mel Schilling, Alessandra Rampolla and John Aiken– wear an earpiece and apparently are told what to say by producers.

When asked about the long filming days, Jono revealed: "Richard fell asleep a few times, even John the expert, he'd have a nap. John the expert would just close his eyes."

Fans saw Ellie and Jonathan have called out the MAFS Australia experts
Fans saw Ellie and Jonathan have called out the MAFS Australia experts. Picture: Nine

Ellie went on to add: "Then they've got the earpieces in right, so they're listening to the information from the producers about what to say next and what questions to ask when you're up on the couch."

Jono then chimed in: "They're fed things to say.

"The experts I would say they have zero percent to do with choosing couples, matching couples. When it comes to the advice they give, they get told what to run hard at and what to say pretty much."

Ellie and Jono have claimed MAFS Australia expert John Aiken would 'nap'
Ellie and Jono have claimed MAFS Australia expert John Aiken would 'nap' . Picture: Nine

This isn't the first time Jono and Ellie have called out MAFS, as the pair have previously exposed editing errors on the show.

After Ellie received social media backlash for appearing to shout at Jono's ex Lauren Dunn, 32, at the final dinner party, the bride posted a video on social media to reveal what really happened between the ladies.

Taking to TikTok Ellie stated: "One of the big things I actually copped a lot of hate for was the fact that I swore at Lauren. What looked like I swore at Lauren.

"What actually happened is that it was like 2:30 in the morning and I was sitting down the end of the table across from Sara, Lauren and young Tim. Sara was leaning behind Lauren chatting to Eden and saying 'Ellie's just here for the limelight, she's just doing this to get attention'.

"And I actually finally lost it and you saw me lose my cool finally and I called her a f****** b**** and it was 2:30 in the morning, I was tired, it was exhausting and I snapped."

Watch Ellie and Lauren argue on MAFS Australia:

MAFS Australia’s Ellie lashes out at Lauren

Jono and Timothy Smith, 51, also called out 'fake' storylines on the show, after fans were confused by their sudden friendship.

Posting on TikTok, Jonathan began: "I've been getting asked some questions, why is Tim hanging out with me when he called me slimy and a piece of s***. Why would you do that Tim?"

The camera then panned to Tim walking alongside Jono, who replied: "Well actually, I didn't actually say it about Jono. I actually said it about Jack that night."

Jonathan then aded: "Ooh that's an easy editing one. I reckon I could b***** do that with what I've learnt from TikTok in the last two weeks."

Timothy has visited Jonathan since leaving MAFS Australia
Timothy has visited Jonathan since leaving MAFS Australia. Picture: TikTik/jono.ellie

The cast have also called out producers for editing out the feud between Cassandra Allen, 29, and Sara Mesa, 29, as well as failing to include Lauren's 'secret boyfriend' storyline.

But despite all the drama, there has been some happy news from MAFS as Ridge Barredo, 27, and Jade Pywell, 26, as well as Jack Dunkley, 34, and Tori Adams, 27, are still in relationships since leaving the experiment.