Is Rhona leaving Emmerdale? Everything we know about her relationship with Marlon

8 May 2024, 17:34

Rhona may be leaving Emmerdale
Rhona may be leaving Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

By Hope Wilson

Following fiery arguments with her husband Marlon, is Rhona leaving Emmerdale?

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Emmerdale has seen one of its most heartbreaking storylines yet as fan favourites Rhona and Marlon are experiencing marriage issues.

This week viewers watched as the couple had a very awkward argument which left Rhona telling her husband that their relationship was over.

With pair's partnership continuing to falter following Gus Malcoms' trial, will Rhona say goodbye to Marlon and the Dales? Or will she fight to save their marriage?

Is Rhona leaving Emmerdale? Here is everything you need to know.

Rhona and Marlon have been figuring out their relationship
Rhona and Marlon have been figuring out their relationship. Picture: ITV

Is Rhona leaving Emmerdale?

It is currently unknown if Rhona is leaving Emmerdale, however fans think she may be quitting the Dales after her marriage to Marlon was left in tatters earlier this week.

Viewers have seen the pair constantly argue over the past few weeks, leading many to assume that Rhona may be leaving Emmerdale for good.

Rhona and Marlon have been arguing recently
Rhona and Marlon have been arguing recently. Picture: ITV

Speaking to Yahoo, actress Zoe Henry who plays Rhona, spoke about he relationship with Marlon, stating: "They've been through a lot together, especially in the past three years, but I guess no relationship is infallible. The embryo story would be enough to break anyone, the emotional rollercoaster of it all.

"Then add to that Rhona's change of heart in court – without consulting Marlon – it's the perfect storm.

"On a personal note, I very much hope so. But there's no drama in happiness is there? Watch this space."

Rhona has been struggling following Gus' trial
Rhona has been struggling following Gus' trial. Picture: ITV

Fans have taken to X, formally known as Twitter, to defend Rhona after Marlon criticised her behaviour.

One user wrote: "Can't believe I'm talking about Emmerdale in 2024 but men have constantly taken things from Rhona without her consent so i truly believe she’s allowed to lash out at Marlon for defending Gus."

Another added: "No I’m gonna need someone to explain why Marlon is SO angry with Rhona. Why is he valuing Gus more than his own wife? When Gus is in the wrong and all Rhona wanted was her daughter back? #emmerdale"

With a third stating: "Marlon’s become extremely unlikeable and childish. He doesn’t deserve Rhona at all! #Emmerdale"

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