Speed limits lifted on bridge to Wales

31 May 2019, 06:00

M4 Prince of Wales Bridge

The speed restrictions on the M4 Prince of Wales Bridge have been removed this morning.

The 50mph limit has been in place since work started to remove the toll booths on the Severn Bridges in January but it will go back up to 70mph from this morning. The same thing will be done on the M48 next month. The whole project involved demolishing the toll booths, removing utilities, replacing the road surface and recreating three full motorway lanes. Over 17,000 tonnes of surfacing materials have been used for both bridges and over 16,000 hours worked by teams from nine specialist companies. Hannah Milliner, General Manager of Highways England’s Severn Bridges team, said: “The scale of the work undertaken was immense and the teams involved have done well to complete the work slightly ahead of schedule. Although it sounded a relatively straightforward task, it was actually very complex to deliver while maintaining three lanes of traffic across the bridge as usual. “I would like to thank motorists for their patience while the work was under way and we hope that drivers will now benefit from the removal of toll charges and a free-flowing journey.”