Iceland's Frozen 2-themed Christmas advert is their most magical yet

1 November 2019, 14:31

The 2019 supermarket Christmas adverts are officially upon us...

It's officially November, which means we can now (sort of) legitimately get away with being excited about Christmas.

And the start of the penultimate month means the start of the swathe of festive adverts coming to our televisions - and the UK supermarkets never disappoint.

The tradition of moving supermarket Christmas ads was started by John Lewis, and is now an integral part of the festive period.

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One of the first offerings is from Iceland, who have teamed up with Disney's Frozen 2 to create theirs.

The advert contains never-before-seen animations of the Frozen cast
The advert contains never-before-seen animations of the Frozen cast. Picture: Iceland

The advert includes bespoke animations created for the supermarket, as well as an array of Disney’s Frozen 2 characters including Elsa, Princess Anna, Kristoff, reindeer Sven and Olaf.

The advert features the characters magically appear during a family game of charades and talking about their favourite things about Christmas.

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Neil Hayes, Director of Marketing at Iceland, said: “We wanted to treat viewers to a magical Christmas advert this year and there is no better partner than Disney.  We are both experts in Frozen! “Disney’s Frozen 2 is the most eagerly awaited film of the year, the anticipation only matched by that of Christmas approaching.  We want customers to Discover the magic of frozen this Christmas, both at Iceland and in the Cinema.”

The advert is in collaboration with Frozen 2
The advert is in collaboration with Frozen 2. Picture: Disney

Alongside the Christmas advert, Iceland launched an exclusive range with Disney’s Frozen 2 including a Jumbo Olaf that is 1m tall, which costs £40.

The full Disney Frozen 2 range includes:

Disney Kitchen Frozen 2 French Fries (£1.00, 1kg)

Disney Kitchen Olaf Shaped Noses (£1.00, 500g)

Disney Kitchen 5 Icicle Lollies (£1.50, 350ml)

Disney Kitchen Enchanting Breaded Chicken Shapes (£2.00, 400g)

Disney Kitchen 8 Breaded Haddock Snowflakes (£1.50, 240g)

Disney Kitchen 6 Olaf Lollies (£1.50, 360ml)

Disney Kitchen 6 Raspberry and Peach Flavoured Swirl Lollies (£1.50, 300ml)

Disney Kitchen Olaf Potato Shapes (£1, 500g)Warburtons Wonderloaf (90p, 400g)

Warburtons 6 Wonder Thins (£1.00)Small Olaf Soft Toy (£8.00)Small Anna Soft Toy (£8.00)

Small Elsa Soft Toy (£8.00)

Small Sven Soft Toy (£8.00)

Jumbo Olaf 1m (£40.00)

Frozen 2 Accessories Kids Gift Set (£3.00)

Frozen 2 Snap (£2.00)

Frozen 2 Charades games (£5.00)