Refill Bude campaign for plastic free shop

7 January 2019, 11:21 | Updated: 7 January 2019, 11:23

A team of 8 people from Bude want to create a plastic free Refill shop in the town.

The crowdfunding campaign is hoping to raise £11,000 by the 25th January to make the project a reality. 

It's hoped the shop in The Strand Arcade will open in February or March this year. 

They'll stock store cupboard essentials from pasta, rice and grains to toiletries, cleaning products and chocolate. 

They're also hoping to raise enough money for a nut milk and butter machine, so they can produce their own. 

The idea is for people to bring their own reusable containers and fill them up in the store, cutting down on waste - it could even be cheaper than shopping in supermarkets. 

The group all regularly take part in beach cleans to rid our coastline of plastic. 

The Refill Bude project has already seen reusable coffee cups and water bottles launched, with an app so you can find out where to refill your water bottle for free.

Find out how to support the crowdfunder HERE.