A domestic abuse video campaign has been launched in Norfolk

27 February 2019, 16:52 | Updated: 27 February 2019, 17:01

Videos of victims talking to abusers have been released as part of a domestic abuse campaign by Norfolk County Council.

The county's Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Board (DASVB) is releasing six videos as part of their 'Things Need to Change' campaign.
It's aimed at making us more aware of the different types of domestic abuse and highlights how anyone can be affected.
The videos contain five characters who talk about abusive behaviours like coercion and control or emotional and financial abuse and aims to highlight how domestic abuse doesn't always mean physical abuse.
Chair of the DASVB, Dr Gavin Thompson told Heart:
"It is vitally important to raise awareness of abusive behaviours, and highlight that they are not acceptable in relationships.
Domestic abuse is sadly commonplace in our society, and it can affect absolutely anyone. Our hope is that these videos can induce positive behaviour change and healthier relationships."
Last month the Governement published a new Domestic Abuse Bill, which is aimed at supporting victims and their families as well as responses to offenders, and aims to raise awareness and educate members of the public about domestic abuse.
Suzanne Jacob OBE is Chief Executive of SafeLives, a UK charity dedicated to ending domestic abuse for good, she told Heart:
"Victims and survivors of domestic abuse are our friends, our colleagues, our neighbours. As this campaign highlights, domestic abuse can exist in many forms, behind any front door.
Coercive control can shrink someone's world and leave them feeling powerless - abuse does not have to be physical to leave a mark. If any of the behaviours in these videos feel familiar, know that there is support out there."