Children Protest In Norwich About Climate Change

15 February 2019, 16:25 | Updated: 15 February 2019, 16:27

Protest Norwich

Children and teenagers in Norwich are among thousands across the UK who have missed school this afternoon.

They've skipped lessons to protest, demanding more action on Climate change.

Downing Street says says strike action is "damaging" for pupils and increases work for teachers.

Heart spoke to students who're at the event in Norwich today who told us:

"Our country and the world is going to be ruined if we don't stop...

"It's our future if we don't do something now then nothing's going to be done, we are on unauthorised absence but we have come anyway because we feel really strongly about this.

"I think sometimes we don't get taken that seriously, doing this is showing we aren't just snoflakes we're a generation that want change"

There were also parents supporting their kids who've taken to the streets today.

They told Heart: "It's the last Friday of school before half term, you know it's not a big deal, they're not going to miss a loads of work, this is quite important in terms of their understanding. They're being treatened with detention, they're being told that they won't be allowed on school trips. They're going to be punished for being here today, which is a real shame."

The MP for Norwich South Clive Lewis also made a pit stop at the protest. He told us: "So often in politics people say young people don't care, I think we now increasingly know that's not true. They've got something to fight for and seeing them out here makes me so proud.

"These young children understand that it's their future, and whilst we're paving over the environment and whilst we're pumping out carbon - it's their future that's in jeopardy and I think if we're going to lead this fight successfully to change our society, to change our economy, they've got to be at the forefront of it."