Ipswich fashion show to promote body positivity

24 April 2019, 08:15 | Updated: 24 April 2019, 08:19

Model on Catwalk

Models of all ages, shapes and sizes will be wearing clothes they wouldn't normally dare to at a fashion show in Ipswich later.


The 'Positively Me!' event is being hosted by 22 year old Jess Shire from Woodbridge.

She wants to help everybody feel represented in fashion.

Jess spent much of her youth wearing a feeding tube, so never saw people like her on the catwalk.

He own attempts to overcome confidence issues have inspired her to run tonight's show at St Peter's by the Waterfront.

"I actively believe that part of the issue, is that normal, real people still don’t have enough representation in the fashion industry," said Miss Shire.

"Although it's starting to improve, we are not doing enough to address this issue.

"Fashion is made for everybody.

"I really hope that this event can show that we all matter, that we all deserve a chance to be represented and that we all have a place in mainstream advertising and it shouldn’t be for a limited few," said Miss Shire.