Third Sizewell C Consultation Launched Today

4 January 2019, 15:02 | Updated: 4 January 2019, 15:05

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People in east Suffolk are being urged to take part in the latest round of consultation about Sizewell C nuclear power station.

Suffolk Coastal District Council and Suffolk County Council have stressed the need for everyone to take an active part in the 12 week public consultation, which has been launched by EDF Energy today.

It hopes to give people the opportunity to see the latest proposals for the new power station, which would be built to the north of Sizewell B.
This stage of the consultation process will seek views on the development needed to enable construction, and EDF Energy will reveal proposals and various options for road and rail improvements in the area that would be affected by the construction of such development.
The two councils are key members of the Sizewell C Joint Local Authority Group (JLAG), which was established to facilitate a joint local authority approach to the challenges and opportunities that will result from the construction and operation of the proposed new nuclear power station.
Cllr Geoff Holdcroft, Suffolk Coastal District Council's Deputy Leader and Chair of Sizewell C Joint Local Authorities Group (JLAG) said: "We welcome the launch of this third round of consultation, as it gives the people most affected by the proposed Sizewell C development the opportunity to study EDF Energy's proposals and comment on how it plans to manage this massive construction project.

"Importantly, this is our first opportunity to see how these proposals have changed and how EDF Energy has responded to the views they received from us in the previous two rounds of public consultation.

"The proposed development will obviously bring benefits, creating jobs and inject much-needed investment into the economy, but there will also be disruption to the transport network and local community life.
"We are committed to holding EDF Energy to account, on behalf of Suffolk people, to make sure that we maximise the benefits to our communities, whilst minimising the adverse impact of the project.
"We will be taking an active role in this consultation, listening to our communities and would urge others to make sure they have their say."

As well as formulating a common approach between Suffolk Coastal District Council and Suffolk County Council to the Sizewell C New Nuclear development, JLAG is also keen to provide practical help and support to the local town and parish councils.
Cllr Richard Smith, Suffolk County Council's Cabinet Member for Finance and Assets said:

"Both councils wish to work together to safeguard the fragile, unique environment in east Suffolk, while meeting the understandable desire to maintain our vibrant local economy by creating new jobs and encouraging economic development.

"Through JLAG, we will be working to provide a co-ordinated response to EDF Energy's latest proposals for how it will manage this massive national infrastructure project in order to maximise the benefits for local people, while minimising the negative impact on our communities and environment.

"As part of this, we will be actively working with town and parish councils to provide practical assistance to help them make sure they are in a position to also respond effectively to this consultation and make sure the voices of their communities are heard in this national conversation.

"JLAG will be contacting the town and parish councils to support them in meeting EDF Energy's deadlines for detailed responses to its current proposals for Sizewell C."

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