Gregg Wallace follows in Joe Wicks' footsteps as he launches fitness empire

17 June 2020, 14:43

Both men are very much into their fitness
Both men are very much into their fitness. Picture: Instagram

Masterchef judge Gregg has been on a serious health kick and looks amazing.

Gregg Wallace is set to give Joe Wicks a run for his money in the health industry as he plans to launch his own fitness empire following an impressive weight loss.

The Masterchef judge, 55, has lost a whopping four stone and has been documenting his progress on social media, which his fans are loving.

Gregg is launching a fitness business
Gregg is launching a fitness business. Picture: Instagram

And it looks like he is set to turn his hobby into a bit of a side hustle as he's started sharing daily exercises, and is launching a £7-a-month website for fans interested in how he's gotten in shape.

On the site Gregg will have workouts, nutrition advice and plenty of motivation, all created with the help of his friend and personal trainer Danny Rai.

His new project makes him an unlikely competitor of PT Joe Wicks, who goes by The Body Coach, and has built a name for himself through his healthy cook books and fitness routines.

Gregg Wallace compares himself to Body Coach Joe Wicks

Recently, Joe has made headlines thanks to his P.E lessons for children that he's been live-streaming throughout lockdown, and also admitted the money he's made from his fitness business has given him the ability to buy his mum a house.

It looks like Gregg's been inspired by Joe's success as he and Danny Rai have just set up 'Show Me Fit Limited' to cash in on his newly honed physique and it will launch later this month.

The pals will create workout videos based on a five-day regime, recipe books and a range of clothes and drinks bottles.

Joe's always been in great shape
Joe's always been in great shape. Picture: Instagram

As well as this, Gregg will also have online tutorials from cooking experts and classes from psychologists.

He shared a photo online of his new physique and wrote: “Just under 12 stone.

"Being at home 24/7 means good choices easier.”

He has also been showing followers his daily meals such as zero-fat yogurt, whey protein, oats and blueberries for breakfast.