Matthew Perry tells David Beckham he has 'good taste' as he's spotted wearing Friends t-shirt

25 June 2020, 17:50

The stars had an unexpected exchange online
The stars had an unexpected exchange online. Picture: Instagram/NBC

The Hollywood actor couldn't help but say something when he saw superstar Becks wearing a top with his face on!

Matthew Perry, of Friends fame, has told David Beckham that he has "good taste" after he spotted him wearing a t shirt printed with a still from the sitcom.

The actor, 50, is known for playing Chandler Bing in the popular 90s sitcom, and made a joke after he spotted the pic of golden balls Becks, 41, wearing the tee.

Matthew posted the snap of Becks on his Instagram
Matthew posted the snap of Becks on his Instagram. Picture: Instagram

Matthew shared the selfie David took when out on a stroll with wife Victoria, along with the caption "This guy has really good taste. Whoever that is."

He was clearly joking as let's be honest, who doesn't know who Becks is? And David was quick to comment on his post, joking back with one of Chandler's iconic quotes.

David said: "Yes @cruzbeckham got me the shirt but could I be wearing any more clothes @mattperry4"

The former England footballer is a self-confessed huge Friends fan, and this isn't the first time he's posted a picture wearing clothing related to the NBC show.

David and Harper posted this pic earlier
David and Harper posted this pic earlier. Picture: Instagram

David recently posted a picture of himself with his daughter Harper, who got her dad matching hoodies that read "How you doin'?" - Joey Tribbiani's iconic catchphrase.

The adorable snap was liked hundreds of thousands of times and Monica Geller herself - Courtney Cox - commented calling them "cute".