Piers Morgan suffers horrific injury and on crutches only days into six-week break from GMB

21 July 2020, 10:56 | Updated: 21 July 2020, 13:59

Piers had to take a trip to the hospital
Piers had to take a trip to the hospital. Picture: Instagram

The ITV morning show's anchor has been enjoying a lovely family break in France but has torn a tendon in his leg.

Piers Morgan has had a nightmare of a summer holiday after a fall caused him to tear the tendon in his right leg, leaving him limping on crutches only two days into the trip.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, has revealed to fans that he's ended up on crutches right at the start of his six-week holiday to St Tropez.

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Piers has injured his right leg
Piers has injured his right leg. Picture: Instagram

Piers, 55, is out in the luxurious French destination with his sons, Spencer, Stanley and Bertie and was lapping in the sunshine and great food before disaster struck.

The journalist shared a snap on his Instagram yesterday evening, captioning it: "Peg-leg. (nothing like tearing a tendon on Day 2 of a 6-week holiday)."

In the picture he is surrounded by his sons, who are looking after their dad following the injury which has left him hobbling on crutches.

Piers was enjoying his time away
Piers was enjoying his time away. Picture: Instagram

Piers' post has attracted over 34,000 likes, with many of his fans rushing to wish him well.

One commented: "Get well soon the morning show not the same without you".

Another said: "What the hell have you done now ? We can’t let you out of the U.K. for 5 minutes !! That’s just bad luck ... hope it’s not too sore "

While one cheeky follower said: "🤦🏼‍♀️ gutted.. In other news, your sons are all hot 👌🏻" with many agreeing with her observation.

Piers Morgan remains off GMB even after testing negative for coronavirus

The star has been criticised by some for going abroad for his summer break after his very strong opinion about coronavirus during his time on GMB.

Piers even had his own scare a few weeks back, but he did not have the virus in the end.

However, as restrictions have been lifted the star isn't actually breaking any laws or government guidelines.