Essex man wants to expand mental health service

26 March 2019, 08:19

Chat with Charlie

A man who set up a mental health support service for University of Essex students after his brother took his own life is now hoping to expand it to other universities.

Harry Watkins started up 'Chat with Charlie' a year ago.

It provides support online, seven days a week, between 6 and 10pm - when counsellors aren't otherwise available.

Harry's brother Charlie was just 22 years old when he died, and Harry says support for university and sixth form college students is especially important.

"I think it's a massive, massive time of your life where a lot of things are changing," he said.

"And I'd just love to see the infrastructure be put in place for them to be able to talk to someone without a care in the world, they can go and do it off their own back."