Visit Hobbledown Heath in London for Mysterical May’Hem this May Half Term

13 May 2024, 06:00

A festival of Dragons and Fairies returns in May
A festival of Dragons and Fairies returns in May. Picture: Hobbledown

Hobbledown is thrilled announce the arrival of Mysterical May’Hem, a festival of Dragons and Fairies and fabulous fun set to captivate the hearts and minds of children and families this Spring from 25th May to 2nd June 2024.

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Discovering the Mysteries of Hobbledown Heath: Wormwood's long-held secrets are revealed when his pet dragon egg hatches, causing chaos. As the baby dragon's parent arrives, unseen creatures stir curiosity among the hobblers about the unknown wonders of their world.

From thrilling dragon parades to whimsical fairy schools, Wormwoods Wonders to tantalizing jelly-eating contests, Hobbledown Heaths festival promises a day filled with laughter, wonder, and endless adventure this May half term.

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It will be fun for all the kids at Hobbledown Heath
It will be fun for all the kids at Hobbledown Heath. Picture: Hobbledown Heath

Mysterical May’Hem Daily Activities Include:


Join the hobblers as they discover Wormwoods book of secrets and learn lots of different things about Hobbledown Heath that they have never knew before!


Butternut has just discovered jelly, he wants to discover all the different ways he can use it, and how he can eat the most in one go!


Join the Hobblers as they are immersed in the world of dragons and fairies. Discover the fundamentals and transform yourself into these magical creatures.


The hobblers have discovered new dance moves that they have never done before, come join them to play some games and show off those moves!


Get excited for the arrival of the Dragon's at Hobbledown. Grab flags and streamers, chant and march, enjoy animal antics, and pop giant bubbles in celebration!


Daily at 12pm and 3:30pm, watch a range of owls, hawks and falcons take to the skies at the Coda Birds of Prey Centre.

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