2020 start date for Stevenage regeneration works

21 March 2019, 18:45 | Updated: 21 March 2019, 18:47


The hugely ambitious £350m regeneration of Stevenage town centre has been rubber stamped and work will begin next year.

Stevenage Borough Council and Mace have announced the signing of a major new agreement to work in partnership on the long-term transformation of Stevenage Town Centre.

The authority says:

"Known as SG1, the agreement builds on a vision for regeneration developed by the Council over several years and seeks to create a whole new quarter of distinct character areas on the western side of the town centre.

With a gross development value of around £350m, SG1 is one of the largest and most ambitious town centre regeneration schemes in the region.

It is a clear expression of confidence in the future of Stevenage and its town centre.

The mixed-use regeneration scheme includes plans to create a series of new streets within Stevenage, as well as a redesigned, modern Town Square which will complement and enhance the unique architectural heritage of Stevenage.  

The plans will boost the vibrancy and economic vitality of the town centre, providing new residential, retail, restaurant and leisure uses for the residents of Stevenage.  

The development will also create inviting new public spaces, alongside a public services hub that will bring together key council services in a single building. The hub will include a new library and health facilities, allowing residents easy access to high quality services at one location.

Residents and businesses will be invited to have their say through a comprehensive consultation exercise planned for this summer.  Work is expected to take place over several phases with the first construction project commencing in 2020.