Stroud Sub Rooms Sold For £1

19 January 2019, 06:00

Sub rooms

One of Stroud's best known buildings is being sold for £1.

The Sub Rooms is being handed over from the district council to Stroud Town Council to the town council who will start running the venue from the 28th of March.

Stroud District Council Leader Councillor Doina Cornell, who chairs the Strategy and Resources Committee said: “I am really pleased that this historic venue will stay in public hands after a lot of hard work and commitment between Stroud District Council, Stroud Town Council and Stroud Subscription Rooms Trust.

“I wish the trust every success in its vision for the Sub Rooms and I would like to thank the venue’s dedicated staff who have kept it running as normal during a period of uncertainty for them.”

Kate Kay from the Trust said: “We’re already planning and really looking forward to getting started in the building when the transfer is complete. It’s a new era for the Sub Rooms and we have a lot of exciting ideas which we want as many people as possible to be involved in. We’re all really looking forward to starting a new chapter for the Subs, together with the people and communities in the District.”