Priscilla Presley explains why she won't share all her memories of Elvis

29 November 2019, 14:11

Priscilla Presley will be keeping some aspects of her life with Elvis secret
Priscilla Presley will be keeping some aspects of her life with Elvis secret. Picture: Heart
Emma Gritt

By Emma Gritt

The music icon's widow tells Heart 70s why there are some things she will ever reveal about the King.

Fans of Elvis Presley think they know everything about him - but his loyal wife Priscilla is adamant that some aspects of their life together will always remain secret.

Speaking to Heart 70s ahead of the Elvis Greatest Hits Tour, which pairs vintage live performances with live music, she explained how hard it is to decide what memories of The King should be shared with fans - who she says, can never know enough about him.

She said: "I have to look at what the greatest good is and not be so selfish.

"There is still a lot that I know that I want to hold for myself, but fans always want more no matter how much you give them, which is difficult.

"I do hold a lot back, because I don’t want to share it. I want it to be mine and his, our private life."

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With baby Lisa-Marie in February 1968
With baby Lisa-Marie in February 1968. Picture: Getty

Elvis and Priscilla wed in 1967, going on to welcome daughter Lisa-Marie in 1968. The couple divorced in 1973, four years before his tragic death aged just 42.

What makes the selection process even harder is knowing Elvis truly valued his privacy - and if he was still alive today he definitely wouldn't be on social media.

Priscilla, 74, said: "We didn’t document our life, we lived our life. He was so private. Social media would never be his thing. He loved his privacy, and with his posse and their wives.

Jerry Schilling joined Priscilla at the Heart 70s studio
Jerry Schilling joined Priscilla at the Heart 70s studio. Picture: Heart

"He was pretty strict about anyone with a camera. He did not want photos taken. He had enough of that outside the gates of Gracelend. That was really his private life.

"The photos we took were family photos, nothing he would be upset over, as trust me, he would tell you!"

However, the 74-year-old added that the new tour, which took in Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham, Sheffield Arena and Glasgow ahead of a huge finale at London's O2 Arena on Sunday, was definitely a part of Elvis' legacy that she is pleased to give to fans.

The special events, which sees live footage of Elvis accompanied by live music is the first time his own TCB Band has worked with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, which Prisclla says was one of Elvis' ambitions.

She said: "I’m always thinking Elvis would love this, this is something he would do definitely, the TCB and Royal Philharmonic together.

"Sharing his music, his career, it’s not so personal. I love doing this. It’s been very exciting watching the fans watching the show."

Jerry Schilling, one of Elvis' close pals who is also sharing anecdotes on stage with Priscilla, added: "It truly is like being on tour with Elvis. You feel the love from the fans, and the orchestra, it’s incredible."

Both agreed that was Elvis still alive today he would still be making music, acting, and taking an active interest in new technology and gadgets... but he definitely wouldn't be Tweeting about it.