Supermarkets introduce 'no touch' rule to stop customers grabbing items they don't need

24 April 2020, 16:04 | Updated: 24 April 2020, 16:10

Customers shouldn't be touching items unless they plan on purchasing them
Customers shouldn't be touching items unless they plan on purchasing them. Picture: PA

The move comes after endless customers still fail to comply with social distancing rules and using their common sense.

Supermarkets are now introducing 'no touch' rules into their stores as they fear the coronavirus will be spread by those who pick up items only to put them back on the shelves.

Different stores have suggested customers only touch the products they intend on purchasing as they tackle the rising figures in deadly COVID-19 infections.

Shoppers should be careful
Shoppers should be careful. Picture: Getty

A whopping 18,738 people have sadly passed away as a result of the virus and in order to prevent the figure from increasing at such a rapid rate, businesses are putting the steps in place.

Asda are one of the supermarkets who have updated their shopping guidelines to encourage their customers to not touch any items unless they're planning on buying them.

Their new guidelines state: "If you need to visit our stores, you will see colleagues at the doors to maintain safe customer numbers to help with social distancing.

"There will also be clear signage, directional barriers and floor markings to help you move around our store easily and maintain a 2-metre distance from other customers and our colleagues.

"You are allowed to bring your children and other members of your household to our stores, but we ask that you keep this to a minimum to help us maintain social distancing advice."

Man licks toiletries in supermarket while asking ‘who’s scared of coronavirus?’

They continued: "We’re asking customers to only touch items they intend to purchase and to use cashless payment wherever they can to minimise contact.

"There will be regular announcements on Asda radio to remind customers of their responsibility to apply social distancing rules, and to help you do this we are closing every other self-checkout till.

"We are also in the process of installing Perspex screens at our checkouts, pharmacies and service desks to help minimise contact and keep social distancing in place."

Aldi has also been following similar steps by saying that shoppers should only touch a trolley if they're going to use it.

As well as this, Tesco has been urging shoppers to stay calm after a number of altercations in its stores.

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