Coronavirus UK: How much food do we need to stockpile for self-isolation?

12 March 2020, 17:37 | Updated: 17 March 2020, 16:47

Brits are stockpiling across the country
Brits are stockpiling across the country. Picture: PA

The coronavirus has a lot of people panicking about what they should be stockpiling

Brits are self-isolating across the country after the coronavirus has been declared a health pandemic.

But is it necessary to stockpile or are people going too far? We reveal all...

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Shelves are being cleared out in some stores
Shelves are being cleared out in some stores. Picture: PA

Do we need to stockpile?

There is no sudden need to stockpile right now, as its only those who are currently self-isolating that should be worried about that.

The government is advising that it's okay to have friends or family drop off supplies, and there's always the possibility of getting shopping delivered.

However, there is a bit of a wait when it comes to food deliveries, as people are booking delivery slots more than a week in advance.

Ratula Chakraborty, retail expert at Norwich Business School, UEA told The Sun Online: "Online grocery retailers are already seeing booming sales with the consequence that households are having to wait longer for their deliveries.

"This trend will accelerate if the epidemic spreads and consumers shy away from visiting stores in larger numbers."

It's definitely possible to get by without stockpiling, however a lot of people find it comforting to have two week's worth of food available, just in case.

Naomi Willis from also told The Sun that it make sense to stockpile a little: "Say there is flooding or a snowstorm, and you can't leave the house, or there is a problem getting paid or benefits are unexpectedly stopped, and you cannot afford to buy food.

"Having a bit of extra food in the house can give you some meals to fall back on while things blow over."

Stockpiling for around two weeks' worth is sensible
Stockpiling for around two weeks' worth is sensible. Picture: PA

What items should we stockpile?




Canned fruit + veg


Canned meat + fish

Coffee + tea

Longlife milk

Pets supplies (if you have them)

Sugary drinks + sweets (for energy)