Can I go to a house viewing and am I allowed to move house in new lockdown rules?

13 May 2020, 15:02 | Updated: 13 May 2020, 15:41

From May 13, people in England are able to do house viewings
From May 13, people in England are able to do house viewings. Picture: Getty
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

From Wednesday May 13, people in England are permitted to go to house viewings and to move house, here's everything you need to know.

After over seven weeks in strict lockdown conditions, the UK Government have started to slightly ease the restrictions as they work on an exit plan.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this week that from May 13, people can now go to house viewings and move house.

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The property market has now reopened and estate agents are returning to work.

But what are the rules on house viewings, will there be social distancing rules, and can I move house safely?

People have been advised to carry out a number of precautions when viewing houses
People have been advised to carry out a number of precautions when viewing houses. Picture: Getty

Can I start viewing houses?

Yes. From May 13, people in England can start to view homes to rent or buy, or have their houses viewed if they are selling or letting it out.

However, while in-person viewings are allowed, people have been advised to only do this if they are strongly considering making an offer.

Before this, online virtual tours are favoured in order for people to get an idea of the home or flat.

What are the social distancing rules if I view a house?

It's important to follow social distancing rules if you are viewing a house.

If you are viewing a property with an agent, you and they must wash their hands as soon as they enter the house.

It is advised you carry your own hand sanitiser on you, and avoid touching surfaces as much as possible.

Agents and the person viewing the home should stay two meters away at all times, but if this is not possible, you are encouraged to wear a face covering.

If it is possible, the current tenants or owners should not be in when the viewing takes place, and surfaces and door handles should be cleaned after the visit.

People in England can also now move house
People in England can also now move house. Picture: Getty

How can I book a house viewing?

In-person house viewings should always be arranged through an appointment, with the estate agent checking you and anyone from your current household doesn't have any coronavirus symptoms before booking a meeting.

Estate agents are allowed to reopen their doors from May 13, but this is subject to the branch and company.

Can I move home or sell my house?

Yes, you can now move house or put your house on the market.

As mentioned, as much should be done online or on the phone to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Estate agents can now also visit properties for valuations, photos and videos.

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