This Mother's Day I'm prouder than ever of my NHS nurse Mum

20 March 2020, 18:48

This Mother's Day I'm prouder than ever of my NHS nurse Mum
This Mother's Day I'm prouder than ever of my NHS nurse Mum. Picture: Getty
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause havoc for many people across the UK, but none more than our NHS workers.

Some may call me cliché to say that my Mum is the best Mother in the world, as of course everyone thinks that.

But this year, on Mother's Day, more than ever I am reminded of the strength and pure grit that my Mum has inside her as she and all other frontline NHS workers prepare to fight this pandemic for us.

I have always admired my Mum for what she does day in and day out. Working in an Intensive Care Unit is something that I, someone so removed from that world, will never be able to imagine.

As a child my Mum would be facing frantic days, dealing with families, loss and tragedy, but she'd always come home with a smile on her face, ready to shower me and my sisters in love.

Now, the most frantic days for her and her colleagues professional lives are ahead of them, and we need to support them with everything we have.

I, like so many others, will spend this weekend inside, caring for myself and protecting my own health. My Mother, on the other hand, will be putting her own fears and worries aside to help others, and in turn exposes herself to this pandemic in its rawest form.

We are currently facing a war. It is not a war like we know it, but it is still a war. Instead of sending soldiers to the frontline, it is our NHS workers, my Mum included, that are brave enough to run head first into this war, while the rest of us hide inside.

This week, my Mum told me: "I feel like I am standing on a beach, waiting for a Tsunami to hit", and it broke my heart.

But, as scared as she is, she will proudly face this pandemic because she possesses something so rare; the purest form of kindness and the desire to care for others with every bone in her body.

This Mother's Day I am prouder than ever of my Mum for not only looking after me and my sisters, but also all her patients.

To help and support all of our NHS workers we need to do one simple thing; stay inside and stop the spread.

You can find the latest Coronavirus (Covid-19) advice from the NHS here.