New law will allow drinking on street and in car parks to help pubs bounce back

25 June 2020, 09:18

Drinking in the street could become the new norm
Drinking in the street could become the new norm. Picture: PA

This is great news for local businesses that may be struggling as a result of COVID-19's impact.

It's expected that within the next few days a law will be rushed through to allow a whole summer of boozing in outdoor spaces such as streets and car parks.

The move will be put in place to help pubs bounce back from a tough few months following the orders to shut down as part of lockdown rules.

Drinking in the street will be much easier
Drinking in the street will be much easier. Picture: PA

Since March 23, pubs across the nation have shut their doors and have all faced financial troubles despite some help from the government.

The new Business and Planning Bill that's set to be passed will allow thousands more pubs, restaurants and cafes to serve customers outside by July 4 rather than requiring lengthy planning applications.

It'll also end up relaxing planning permission rules to make it easier and quicker to arrange things such as car boot sales and outdoor markets.

It will double the amount of time that planning permissions last for these temporary events and allow ‘temporary structures’ such as marquees and street trading stalls to stay up for up to 28 days.

Individuals and businesses will have greater power to use their land for temporary retail activities in a bid to inject much-needed life into local economies across England.

It will also help the fight against the virus by encouraging people to be outdoors, where the risk of spreading the virus is much lower.

Ministers hope it will lead to a surge in al fresco dining and drinking.Temporary chances to licensing laws will allow many more licences premises such as pubs and restaurants to sell alcohol for consumption off their premises.

Customers will be able to buy their drinks from a pub and consume them elsewhere, making social distancing easier.

Pubs and restaurants will be able to use car parks and terraces as dining and drinking areas - enabling customers to enjoy their drinks and food outside.

Government sources said the move will given an “immediate and much-needed boost to many businesses” as they prepare to reopen on July 4 after 103 days shut during lockdown.