Nurse warns having long nails is one of the fastest spreaders of coronavirus

26 March 2020, 12:57

A nurse has warned people to cut their nails
A nurse has warned people to cut their nails. Picture: Getty Images/Facebook

A nurse has explained why long nails are the fastest spreaders of coronavirus.

A nurse has warned that having long nails during the coronavirus pandemic can be one of the fastest spreaders.

The health worker from Australia insisted that nails should be kept short as they can harbour germs, bacteria and even the virus underneath.

You can find the latest Coronavirus (Covid-19) advice from the NHS here.

Writing on Facebook, the nurse penned: “Among all the hand-washing instructions and the fun 20-second song suggestions, I haven’t seen anyone note that it is impossible to wash your hands properly if your fingernails are long.

She also revealed a test to see if your nails are short enough, continuing: “If you can’t put your fingernails straight down against your other palm without your nails adding too much distance to do it, you cannot wash under your fingernails properly unless you use a nail brush every time.”

A nurse has shared a post about fingernails
A nurse has shared a post about fingernails. Picture: Facebook

The nurse finally added: “Please, during this global emergency, keep your nails short.”

Many people were quick to comment on the post, pointing out that having short nails is standard practice for medical professionals.

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One person commented: “The same is true of engagement rings and wedding bands.”

Another added: “Nurses can't have painted or fake nails as they harbour an incredible amount of bacteria. This is true even when not in a pandemic.”

Having long nails can also be dangerous if you regularly bite them which can introduce the virus into your system.

Purvi Parikh, an allergy and infectious disease specialist with New York University's Langone Medical Center, previously told The Cut: “Bacteria, viruses, dirt and debris can collect under the nails and can then be transferred to your mouth if you bite your nails.

“Every time you touch your face especially your mouth, nose and eyes, you’re transferring all of those germs. And you can get sick.

“The infectious disease specialist added that germs going into the mouth is the easiest way you can contract any infection."

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