What are the new lockdown rules for England on July 4?

29 June 2020, 17:22

July 4 is the date many businesses are set to reopen in England
July 4 is the date many businesses are set to reopen in England. Picture: Getty

The Government has announced that we will see many changes to lockdown rules on July 4.

July 4 is just around the corner and while the day may hold some significance to those across the pond in the US, for us here in Britain, it'll be for a very different reason.

The Government has announced that a lot of lockdown rules will be relaxed on Saturday, the 4th of July, which will be welcomed by the hospitality industry in particular, as well as all the pub and restaurant frequenters.

Restaurants will soon reopen
Restaurants will soon reopen. Picture: Getty

Of course, the new relaxations only apply to England, as Wales and Scotland are a bit slower in relaxing their measures, but some parts of Northern Ireland will be reopening from July 3rd, so that's worth looking into.

What will we be able to do from July 4?

If you've been looking forward for a trip to your local cafe, pub or restaurant, this will be allowed from July 4 - result!

As well as this, you can start visiting museums, libraries and even theme parks (we've listed all the ones that are reopening and the information you need here), and you can even go to the cinema.

Staycations are also back on the cards as hotels will finally open their doors again, and so will campsites, providing it can be done safely.

Pubs will finally be a thing again.
Pubs will finally be a thing again. Picture: Getty

Places of worship will now be allowed to have group meetings, which will be a welcome relaxation of the rules for those who practice faith.

And finally - one that many have been looking forward to - hairdressers and barbers will now be allowed to start functioning.

What won’t we be able to do?

Unfortunately, going to the gym still isn't allowed, as well as any kind of exercise class, but many are expecting them to reopen by the end of July.

This is down to the risk of heavy breathing in close proximity.

Classes with PTs or group exercising in a public place are currently allowed though.

Beauty salons won't be reopening right now
Beauty salons won't be reopening right now. Picture: Getty

Other things that won't be allowed are watching plays or live music as it would mean too many people together closely.

Soft play areas will still be closed, as will activities that involve sharing or borrowing equipment – for example bowling or ice-skating.

Beauty salons, casinos and nightclubs won’t be up and running just yet, nor will cricket clubs, and if you are a church goer, you will not be allowed to sing at services.