When will gyms and fitness centres be reopening?

10 June 2020, 17:08

Gyms were forced to close following lockdown
Gyms were forced to close following lockdown. Picture: Getty

Gyms have been shut for some time and fitness fanatics are excited for them to reopen.

Gyms are an absolute hotspot for bacteria, so it make sense they were one of the first places to be shut down by the government when we went into lockdown.

It's been months now since we were allowed to step foot into a fitness centre, with them closing their doors mid-March to limit the spread of COVID-19.

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Gyms will open with strict precautions
Gyms will open with strict precautions. Picture: Getty

As a result, a lot of people have been investing in their own home gym equipment, or doing virtual PT sessions.

Despite adapting, many are still missing the gym and want to know when they will be reopening.

When will gyms and fitness centres be reopening?

At the moment, there's no official date that's been given, although most experts are hoping for it to be in July.

There are many suggestions that gyms will be one of the last places to reopen as lockdown is eased, as it's one of the rifest places for germs to spread.

Gym chain David Lloyd re-opened at the weekend with some socially distanced outdoor classes as well as re-opening its outdoor facilities, which is huge move meaning members can go 'back to normal' in some degree.

Personal trainers are now allowed to return to work provided they train with no more than five people at a time and in an outdoor session with social distancing in place.

A recent report in the Guardian has suggested that gyms and leisure centres could reopen in July, as the government is currently discussing wider proposals.

A government source has said that while any changes to current restrictions are dependent on the wider UK picture, there has been a shift in thinking and that guidelines from UK gyms were now being actively considered by officials.

People can't wait to get back to the gym
People can't wait to get back to the gym. Picture: Getty

Chief executive of UK Active, Huw Edwards has also revealed that he is cautiously optimistic the industry could be back in action by summer. 

He said: "We want to open in a way which is safe for staff and customers, allows people to come back and train, and then gets businesses up and running again.

"The government has said to us nothing before the fourth of July.

"Our plan is to take government and Public Health England officials out to sites to reassure them that gyms can safely implement social distancing. We are going to be a completely open book."