Danny Dyer says ISIS schoolgirl,19, 'should be allowed' back to the UK

18 February 2019, 11:41 | Updated: 18 February 2019, 11:52

Danny Dyer on ISIS Bride
Danny Dyer on ISIS Bride. Picture: ITV News

The British schoolgirl who left the UK for Syria at 15-years-old to support the terrorist group now wants to return to the UK with her son.

Eastenders star Danny Dyer has said ISIS school girl Shamima Begum should be allowed to return to the UK to 'explain' her actions.

The schoolgirl left Britain for Syria at 15-years-old to support the terrorist group, but now wants to return to the UK despite admitting she has no regrets.

Begum, who is now 19, was heavily pregnant and living in a refugee camp when she revealed she wanted to leave Syria, and hopes her newborn son will be 'looked after' if she comes home.

Now Danny Dyer has told Good Morning Britain she should be allowed to return, explaining: “[She had] no guidance, clearly. Because if you think about it, what on earth? How has it got into her head that going to Syria at 15 years of age is the answer? What is that about? Who is there to guide her, talk to her? Why is she so lost within her soul that she thinks that’s the answer to go to Syria?

The 41-year-old actor added: “I don’t understand what’s going on there. And now she wants to come back, so what do we do? Yes I do [think she should come back]. Because, I feel she needs a chance maybe to explain what was going on. Maybe we can understand a little bit more about how they got to her and how she felt that it was the right move to jump on a plane and leave this country at 15 years of age. She’s still a young girl. Look at the people around her, who was looking after her? Maybe we can learn from it. I don’t know.”

Shamima Begum - Isis Bride
Shamima's family had previously pleaded for her to come home. Picture: Getty

The news comes after Home Secretary Sajid Javid said he 'would not hesitate' to prevent the return of those who fled Britain to support terrorist organisations.

However, his cabinet colleague, Mr Gauke, told Sky News the UK has to act responsibly.

He told Sky News: “Obviously we have to act within the powers that we have.

“It is the case we can’t make people stateless, but without getting too drawn into the specifics, the approach that we take as a government, which is the responsible one, is to ensure that we protect the British public. That is the key thing.

“There are clearly dangers involved when we have people returning from dangerous parts of the world where they have voluntarily gone to and we need to make sure the British public are protected.”