Family buys mansion with £6million money they were accidentally sent

2 September 2022, 12:31

A family bought a house with money they'd accidentally been sent
A family bought a house with money they'd accidentally been sent. Picture: Barry Plant/Gladston Park/Getty Images

A woman who was sent £6,000,000 by mistake has been ordered to pay it all back.

A family has been ordered to repay £6million they were accidentally refunded. was meant to send Thevamanogari Manivel a refund of 100 Australian dollars, but an admin error meant she was actually given $10,474,143 instead.

According to, the company only discovered their mistake during an audit seven months later, and began legal proceedings to get their money back.

A house in Melbourne was bought with the funds
A house in Melbourne was bought with the funds. Picture: Barry Plant/Gladston Park

A judgment handed down by the Victorian Supreme Court reveals some of the money was used to buy a $1.35 million house outside Melbourne.

Ms Manivel also gifted cash to six other people, including her daughter and sister.

When the case went to court, won the proceedings and Ms Manivel was ordered to pay all the money back plus an additional 10 per cent interest, on top of legal costs.

After months of deliberation, judge James Elliott said: “It is established that the Craigieburn Property was acquired with funds traceable to the wrongful Payment and would never have been in Gangadory’s hands if the wrongful payment had not been made.

A family was transferred over £6million by accident
A family was transferred over £6million by accident. Picture: Getty Images

“Thus, Gangadory was unjustly enriched by receiving the purchase price of the Craigieburn property out of the wrongful payment…”

He later added ‘references to the facts of this case based on such uncontested evidence are necessarily open to challenge’ should Ms Gangadory decide to engage.

And The Australian now reports the defendant has pushed back for evidence that the money had been paid ‘by mistake’.

Neither the firm nor the sisters have commented publicly on the case. sponsors the AFL for $25 million a year and is backed by celebrities such as Matt Damon.