Japanese man shocked to see his grandad using a sex toy as a vase

6 March 2019, 16:06

The grandfather mistook the sex toy for a vase much like this one
The grandfather mistook the sex toy for a vase much like this one. Picture: Getty

A man was horrified to see his grandfather mistakenly using a male sex toy to hold flowers next to his grandmother's ashes.

A horrified grandson was astonished to see his sex toy was being used by his grandfather to hold flowers as a vase.

Even more mortifying was that the flowers were part of a tribute to his late grandmother and were sitting next to his ashes.

The bizarre and cringeworthy situation came to light when Twitter user @koniy0805 entered his grandads house and saw the mistake.

He had even taken some pliers to widen the hole in the Tenga sex toy in order to fit a larger number of flowers inside.

Sharing pictures of the blunder on Twitter he joked: "Of course, if Tengas came with a large opening at the tip, they would be extremely messy to use for their original purpose."

Some Twitter users joked that as Tenga is the Japanese word or elegance, perhaps that's the reason the grandfather made such an innocent mistake.

Thankfully, @koniy0805 has revealed that he managed to sneakily get rid of the 'vase' and spare his grandad's feelings by not telling him what it actually was.