June 21 lockdown changes: Full list of things you can and can't do from today in England

21 June 2021, 06:56

The lockdown rules change from today
The lockdown rules change from today. Picture: PA Images/Getty Images

June 21 'Freedom Day' has been pushed back by a month, but some lockdown rules are changing today...

Earlier this month, Boris Johnson announced that ‘Freedom Day’ would be delayed for four weeks.

This means coronavirus social distancing will remain in place until at least July 19.

The Prime Minister told a press conference: "We can give the NHS a few more weeks to give those jabs into the arms of those who need them and since today I cannot say that we have met all our four tests for proceeding with step four on June 21.”

Despite this, some restrictions are changing from today, including rules on weddings and large events.

Boris Johnson urges young people over the age of 18 to get vaccinated

So, what can we do from June 21 in England under Boris Johnson’s roadmap?

June 21 lockdown changes:


The wedding guest limit will be lifted from June 21, meaning more people will be able to attend ceremonies.

Currently, the rules allow 30 people at weddings and civil partnerships, but now venues will be allowed to choose safe numbers.

This is based on a risk assessment of how many people can safely fit into a venue with social distancing rules in place.

There is still a ban on dancing and singing, with food only served to seated guests.

The rules are relaxing for weddings and civil partnerships
The rules are relaxing for weddings and civil partnerships. Picture: Getty Images


The 30-person limit on commemorative events like wakes has also been lifted, with the same rules as weddings.

Guest numbers will instead be decided by the venue itself.


From today, care home residents won't have to isolate after spending time away from the home with family and friends.

The Prime Minister's spokesman said: "The requirement for residents to isolate for 14 days after visits out of care homes will also be removed in most cases."

Residents will also no longer have to isolate when they're first admitted to a home, but will take a series of Covid tests over the first two weeks.

They will still have to isolate for 14 days following hospital visits.

The Rule of Six will stay in place in England
The Rule of Six will stay in place in England. Picture: PA Images

Social distancing

The ‘Rule of Six’ is still in place for Brits, which means only six people from up to six households, or two households of any size, will be allowed to meet indoors.

There will continue to be a 30-person limit for anyone meeting outdoors.

People will still be encouraged to work from home where possible.

Nightclubs and theatres

Nightclubs will have to remain closed until July 19, while theatres and cinemas will continue to hold 50% capacity.

Outdoor stadiums are limited to 25 per cent capacity up to 10,000 fans.


The same rules will stay in place for holidays, as currently it is legal to stay overnight in the same property as up to six people from different households, or an unlimited number of people from two households.