NHS will scrap patient breakfasts as part of plan to cut £420k off costs

29 April 2019, 10:34

Multiple kinds of breakfast will be axed
Multiple kinds of breakfast will be axed. Picture: PA
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

From Weetabix to Alpen bars, a lot of items will be axed from the menu in a bid to save the NHS hundreds of thousands

A variety of different breakfast cereals and meals are set to be axed from the NHS' morning menu for patients.

Those staying at NHS hospitals across the country could lose out on their favourite breakfasts, as Weetabix and Bran Flakes are among the scrapped options.

The change in breakfast foods will save the NHS a third of their breakfast costs
The change in breakfast foods will save the NHS a third of their breakfast costs. Picture: PA

The move is set to save the NHS around £420,000, a third of breakfast costs said Health Minister Stephen Hammond.

Instead of buying all products locally, hospital managers have been urged to use the health service’s NHS Supply Chain.

The supply chain will ensure all hospitals bulk-buy at much lower prices, and will swap favourites such as Alpen cereal bars and yoghurt for cheaper alternatives.

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Mr Hammond also added: "He added: “The NHS pays wildly different amounts for simple things like tea, beans, and jam.

"By signing up [to the NHS Supply Chain], hospitals could save thousands of pounds.”

At the moment there are nineteen trusts in the scheme and Hammond wants all hospitals to join.

Rona Miranda of NHS Supply Chain said: “We work hard to source nutritious food at the most competitive prices.”