List of people exempt from wearing face coverings on public transport revealed

5 June 2020, 10:10 | Updated: 5 June 2020, 10:17

Why some people don't have to wear face coverings
Why some people don't have to wear face coverings. Picture: Getty Images

A list of everyone who doesn't have to wear a mask on public transport in England.

During Thursday’s coronavirus briefing, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps revealed everyone will have to cover their face on public transport from June 15.

Under the new rules, it will be mandatory to wear a face mask when on a train, bus or tube, with travellers even refused boarding if they are not.

But while the guidelines apply for the majority of the population, there are some people who won’t have to wear masks, including babies and people with disabilities and health problems.

Mr Shapps said: “There will be exceptions to these rules for very young children, disabled people and those with breathing difficulties.”

It is compulsory for most of England to wear face masks on public transport
It is compulsory for most of England to wear face masks on public transport. Picture: Getty Images

The Department for Transport hasn’t yet published a full list of who won’t have to wear one, but this is expected in the next few days.

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A new advertising campaign explaining the rules will also be launched in the coming days.

This comes after Grant Shapps told the public they could face fines if they refuse to comply with the new rules.

He said: “I can announce that as of Monday 15 June, face coverings will become mandatory on public transport.

“The evidence suggests that wearing a face masks offers some, limited protection.

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“You can be refused travel if you don’t comply and you could be fined.

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“It’s a condition of travel. You cannot travel if you are not wearing a face covering.”

Members of the public won’t have to wear them inside railway stations or bus terminals.

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Mr Shapps also urged people not to wear surgical masks as these should be reserved for clinical staff, and instead told travellers to wear a kind of face covering that could be made at home.

While the rules only apply to England at the moment, the government expects that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will follow suit.

The new rules will come into place on the same day that all non-essential shops - such as clothing stores - will open again across the country.

Many secondary school pupils will also be expected to start having some face-to-face contact time with teachers.

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