Can you help find the 80-year-old couple who own this wedding ring?

24 October 2018, 14:00 | Updated: 24 October 2018, 14:37

man loses wedding ring
man loses wedding ring. Picture: social media

A campaign to find the elderly owner of a lost wedding ring has gone viral on Twitter.

Twitter users have bandied together to find the owner of a wedding ring found discarded on the outskirts of Nottingham.

Jonathan Hopkin is attempting to find the owners of a gold ring which is dated 1955 after his wife Anna found the item in Arnold, just outside the city centre.

The 38-year-old believes the couple who owned the wedding ring could be in their 80s and if still alive, wants to return the ring to it's rightful owner.

Posting a picture to Twitter, he wrote: "Right, need your help Twitter folk. My wife has found this wedding ring and it has the date 15.9.55 and the initials A and P inscribed on it."

"I know it’s a long shot but we’d love to get it back to who it belongs to. We live in Nottingham if that helps."

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Jonathan is yet to hear from it's potential owners, but he is determined to get it back to its rightful home after his wife found it three years ago.

"The reason it took so long to do this is my wife was heavily pregnant at the time with my son Harry and went into labour not long after finding it," he told

"On Sunday, we found it in my wife’s jewellery box and wanted to see if we could get it back to its owners or their family.

"I put it up on Twitter as you just never know who is reading. I didn’t for one second think it would start to get this amount of coverage and it just goes to show there is a positive side to social media, that often gets forgotten about."

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Jonathan also says he can empathise with the couple who lost their ring as he almost misplaced his own.

He added: "My wedding ring means a huge amount to me and I recall when I thought I had lost mine.

"I felt a mixture of sick, gutted, disappointed in myself and when it got handed in at the restaurant I was at, I was so relieved.

"The date means the couple is going to be pushing on 80 and it would be lovely to get it back to them or their family."