TV addicts admit to streaming at weddings, parties and even FUNERALS in shocking new study

9 March 2019, 10:34

Mobile TV Watching
Mobile TV Watching. Picture: Getty

How ‘ex-stream’ are your TV habits? A new study reveals the top 20 most bizarre places people are watching their favourite shows

Avid boxset fans have admitted to streaming their favourite TV shows in the most bizarre locations including weddings, parties and even funerals, a revealing new survey found.

The viewing trend, dubbed ‘ex-streaming’, was the focus of a study which looked at the drastic measures people go to to ensure they don’t miss an episode of their beloved series.

Researchers found that almost 20 per cent have watched telly on the toilet, one in 20 have slipped away at a party to stream a series, and one in 50 have shockingly tuned into their favourite show at a loved one’s burial service or cremation.

Manifest - Season 1
Manifest - Season 1. Picture: Getty

One in five have no qualms catching up on telly at work, while over one in 20 have streamed a show during an office ‘away day’ and some have even watched TV during work meetings, as a massive 71 per cent of the study said it was important for them to be up to date with their treasured shows.

The most popular 20 places to press play were:

1. On holiday

2. While cooking

3. In the bath

4. On the loo

5. At work

6. At the airport

7. In the back of a car

8. At the pub

9. On a beach

10. In the gym

11. On a romantic getaway

12. In a library

13. A work 'away day'

14. At a party

15. Someone's wedding

16. Walking the dog

17. On 'date night'

18. At the hairdressers/barbers

19. At the supermarket

20. A work meeting

Mobile TV Watching
Mobile TV Watching. Picture: Getty

OnePoll carried out the study, which also found that 31 per cent of people stream boxsets on their commute – for an average of two and a half hours per week.

The most popular show? Game of Thrones, followed by The Walking Dead, Friends and Breaking Bad.

These extreme telly habits surfaced in a study by Sky Mobile to launch Watch – a new service which gives users unlimited Sky TV streaming without it chipping into their data allowance.

Sophia Ahmad, director of Sky Mobile, said: “We are a nation of avid TV fans, but the way we view our favourite shows has changed drastically over the last decade, thanks to data allowances on our phone and tablets.

“Far from having to wait until we get home after a long day at work to catch up on our favourite box set, we can now watch it on the go thanks to our mobiles and tablets.

“This really opens up where we can watch the shows but this also means we are relying more than ever on our mobile phone data, so we have updated Watch to allow our customers to watch what they love without using all of their data."