UK weather: Exact dates Britain will bake in 30C heatwave

28 June 2022, 08:31

The temperature is set to hot up next month
The temperature is set to hot up next month. Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

July will kick off with temperatures of a whopping 30C, according to new weather maps.

It looks like summer in the UK has officially arrived, with temperatures set to hit 30C in some places.

After a few days of rain this week, the sunshine is set to return at the start of July,

According to Senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, Jim Dale, things will start to heat up this week.

He told the Express: “The situation will be improving on Sunday (July 3) and warming up again into the following week with high temperatures of 30C in south east England based on current trends.”

Temperatures could reach 30C in the UK
Temperatures could reach 30C in the UK. Picture: Getty Images

WX Charts also predict Sunday, July 3 will see the mercury reach 25C, before creeping up to 29C in the south east over the following few days.

On Thursday, July 7 temperatures may even hit 30C, with the highs staying into the Friday as well.

And it looks like the warm weather is sticking around, with heatwaves even sticking around in August and possibly even September.

Leon Brown of US-based forecaster The Weather Company said: "More heatwaves imported from the continent to the UK are forecast this summer, each reaching at least 28C - and likely higher - and each lasting several days."

Britain will bake in July with the mercury reaching 30C in some areas
Britain will bake in July with the mercury reaching 30C in some areas. Picture: Getty Images

Meanwhile, the Met Office’s long range forecast for the south east says temperatures are expected to remain settled towards the end of July.

Forecasters state: “There is a good chance of more settled conditions prevailing through the middle and later parts of July, although some northern areas may see spells of rain or showers at times, especially earlier in the period.

“These spells could extend across the country at times, but in general the south will see the best of the settled conditions.

“Temperatures are likely to be close to or a little above average initially but trending towards widely warm conditions later, especially across the south.”