Britain's 23C heatwave to hit record high with the 'worst pollen levels in 70 years'

7 April 2020, 12:04

Warm weather returns to the UK on Tuesday

Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

This will be an absolute nightmare for those who suffer from hay fever.

We aren't complaining about this beautiful weather right now, although it is a huge shame we're unable to fully enjoy it like we would be under normal circumstances.

However, it's bad news for those who have hay fever, as forecasters have warned that the UK is set to hit a record high when it comes to pollen levels, as they'll be the highest they have been in a whopping 70 years.

Hayfever sufferers will feel the wrath of the pollen
Hayfever sufferers will feel the wrath of the pollen. Picture: PA

While in some ways, this is a good incentive for people to stay inside, it's not good for those who just want to sit out in the garden with their families.

Millions of Brits are set to be affected by the hay fever storm that'll be coming alone with this weekend's expected highs of 23C.

The spring pollen levels set to be at their highest since records began in 1951, and experts have warned that there could be a lot of confusion between Coronavirus symptoms and those of hay fever, as sneezes, congestion and coughs apply to both.

Last week's cold spell has delayed trees' pollen release, meaning this week's rising temperatures means a more condensed pollen season ahead.

The whole easter period is set to be a blistering heatwave, with gusts from Africa heading over to the UK later this week.

It will carry on through until Easter Monday, which has caused concern for officials who fear that people will be tempted to leave their homes.

We should all follow Government advice and refrain from many unnecessary journeys and avoid public places such as parks and beaches.