Met Office warns Japanese killer Typhoon Hagibis 'could influence British weather'

14 October 2019, 10:58

The UK could feel the effects of the horrifying typhoon
The UK could feel the effects of the horrifying typhoon. Picture: PA

The horrifying storm has already caused devastation in Asia and Britain could potentially face heavy weather as a result.

British weather has been pretty unpredictable for the past few weeks, as we've been hit with floods, storms and the back end of tropical Storm Lorenzo and Hurricane Humberto, and it looks like it's not over.

Japanese killer storm, Typhoon Hagibis has already taken at least 31 lives, with 15 missing persons reported and around 186 injured - and The Met Office has issued a weather warning off the back of its impact.

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Forecasters have put a yellow weather warning in place for parts of the UK, as they predict very heavy lashes of rain across the majority of England.

The Environment Agency also has dozens of alerts and warnings in place across England, but there are currently none in place for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Met Office Science has tweeted: "As warm moist air from Typhoon Hagibis comes north to clash with a cold front pushing south-east across Russia, the strengthening temperature contrast will accelerate the Jet Stream by 100mph in 48 hours!

"By affecting the jet, Hagibis could influence UK weather next week."

The UK currently has dozens of warnings
The UK currently has dozens of warnings. Picture: The Environment Agency
The super typhoon has caused travesty across the country
The super typhoon has caused travesty across the country. Picture: PA

The terrifying typhoon has ravaged Japan, which is where the Rugby World Cup is currently being held.

It has caused a number of games to be scrapped completely because of the devastating weather and more than 92,000 households were still without power earlier today, which is a national holiday, said the the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

At midday on Sunday the number was stood at 262,000 households, which means the situation is slowly improving.

Rescuers are working tirelessly to search for survivors, wading through waist-high water in Nagano, which saw the Chikuma River flood the surrounding land.

However, further rain is predicted for the country, which could prove to cause more chaos as the soil is already loosened as a result of the typhoon, which could cause landslides.