These snow pictures from around the world will make you realise just how much the UK overreacts to a flurry

30 January 2019, 16:23

The UK has been hit with snow, but nothing like this . Picture: Getty
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

You’ll be thankful for the small flurry of snow when you see how bad it really can get.

The past two weeks have been focused around one thing and one thing only – snow.

Mainly; is it going to snow? When is it going to snow? How much will it snow?

On Tuesday night a lot of the UK was treated – or punished (depends who you ask) – with snow showers.

Of course, in classic British fashion, this meant school closures, train delays and as well as the closure of Manchester Airport.

Snow In Japan
The Japanese Alps of Honshu Island have an estimated 1,200 to 1,500 inches of snow a year. Picture: Getty
No one woke up to shocking scenes like this . Picture: Getty


And while the UK grinds to a holt over a few centimetres, we’re taking a look at some serious snow from around the world that will make you rethink an overreaction.

For example, in the Japanese Alps of Honshu Island, their annual snowfall is estimated to be between 1,200 to 1,500 inches.

Amori City in Japan is in fact one of the cities in the world with the heaviest snowfalls, receiving around 699cm per year.

St John’s in Canada get a huge 335cm per year, Syracuse in American gets 297cm and Buffalo 273cm.

House covered in snow
The UK have gone into meltdown over the snow. Picture: Getty
House covered in snow
This driveway in Nova Scotia really makes commuting hard . Picture: Getty

On average, the most snowfall the UK gets annually is 115.2cm, and that is in Aberdeen, Wales.

According to Snow Forecast, France has seen its snowiest week of the year so far recently.

Several areas in France have had 1.2 meters in snow while west Switzerland has also seen heavy snow, with an estimated 80cm of snowfall this week.

After a a dry and relatively warm December, Germany has frozen up and is now enjoying a great deal of snow as well.