When is Victoria season 3 on ITV, who's in the cast with Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes, and what events will it cover?

22 March 2019, 13:44 | Updated: 22 March 2019, 13:46

Victoria is returning for a third series of historical drama
Victoria is returning for a third series of historical drama. Picture: Shutterstock

History fans, rejoice! Jenna Coleman returns as one of Britain's most iconic monarchs as Victoria returns for a third season.

Picking up events in 1848 as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert prepare to welcome their third child, it's set to be the most dramatic series yet. Here's all you need to know...

When is Victoria season 3 on ITV?

Season three of historical drama Victoria kicks off on Sunday 24 March 2019 at 9pm.

There will be eight episodes in the third series, with each instalment having a runtime of an hour.

Who's in the Victoria season 3 cast with Jenna Coleman?

After making her name on ITV soap Emmerdale, Jenna Coleman went on to find success in Doctor Who, Waterloo Road and the Titanic mini-series.

She landed the titular role of Victoria in 2016, expressing how it allowed her to break out of her "box" as a working-class northern girl that she credited Emmerdale for putting her in.

Jenna is currently dating co-star Tom Hughes, who plays her on-screen husband, Prince Albert.

Laurence Fox makes his debut in season 3 of Victoria as Foreign Secretary, Lord Palmerston.

Other new additions to the cast include Nicholas Audsley as Charles, Duke of Monmouth; Lily Travers as Sophie, Duchess of Monmouth; David Burnett as Joseph Weld; John Sessions as Lord John Russell; and Sabrina Bartlett as Abigail Turner.

Kate Fleetwood will appear as Queen Victoria's lesser-known sibling, Princess Feodora. Kate appeared as Mary Cattermole in the Harry Potter film series.

Vincent Regan replaces Bruno Wolkowitch in the role of King Louis Phillipe who becomes a main character in the third series following his fleeing from the French Revolution.

Jenna Coleman reprises her role as Queen Victoria
Jenna Coleman reprises her role as Queen Victoria. Picture: Shutterstock

What events will Victoria season 3 cover?

Season 3 of Victoria picks up in 1848 with the dramatic events of the French Revolution with King Louis Philippe fleeing to England for safety.

The ideals of the French people travel across the British channel as the Peoples' Charter leaves the Queen worried for the stability of her own country.

The charter will dominate the drama in the third series. It called for six main changes to the laws in Britain, including men above the age of 21 to receive the vote irregardless of their social background.

Loyal aides will urge The Queen to leave London for her own safety, as the royals spend time in their beloved Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.

There's also trouble in the royal household as the Queen's long-absent sister, Princess Feodora, makes a shock return, and trouble is also brewing within the Queen's marriage to Prince Albert.

Show creator Daisy Goodwin has said: “Victoria and Albert are the most famous couple of the nineteenth century, but underneath the united facade, their relationship is at breaking point and it is a struggle for mastery that neither side can win.”

Expect side storylines to cover a romance between a footman and Duchess, and tense battle scenes as protests turn violent in London.