Man Jailed For Making Threats With Meat Cleaver

14 January 2019, 13:20 | Updated: 14 January 2019, 13:25

Jamie Killeen

Jamie Killeen's been sentenced to 2 years

A man has been jailed after he threatened a stranger with a meat cleaver and then robbed a woman of her mobile phone.
Jamie Killeen, 28, of Ripon Street, Preston, was sentenced to two years in prison.

The incidents occurred in the early hours of November 25th 2018.
Shortly after 3.15am Killeen began to follow a 26-year-old woman, after she took some money out of a cash machine and then bought some items from the Price Check store on Plungington Road. As she left the store and began to walk along Ripon Street Killeen grabbed her arm and demanded money from her, at which point she handed over her mobile phone. Killeen ran off with the phone.
When officers viewed CCTV relating to the incident they realised Killeen had been involved in an affray on Plungington Road just 10 minutes before the robbery, when he had been seen wielding a meat cleaver while engaged in an argument with another man.
Killeen disposed of the meat cleaver by throwing it down the side of the Price Check shop. He was seen four times on CCTV attempting to find it, but could not locate it, and the weapon was found by police officers a short time later.
DC Richard Shires, of Preston Police, said: “I cannot stress how frightened the victim must have been after being grabbed and robbed by Killeen while walking home in the dark. We quickly realised after conducting enquiries in the area that Killeen had been involved with another incident just ten minutes earlier, so we are pleased the court has seen fit to hand him a custodial sentence. We hope he now uses his time behind bars to reflect on the consequences of his actions.”