Coronation Street gives behind-the-scenes look into lockdown episodes with social distancing rules

11 June 2020, 11:32 | Updated: 11 June 2020, 12:44

Coronation Street are back filming with strict social distancing

Behind the scenes photos show how the Coronation Street cast are filming while social distancing.

The Coronation Street cast and crew have finally returned to filming after three months off.

And now new photos show what it’s like to be back on set with strict social distancing measures in place.

Several Corrie favourites appear in the snaps, while everyone stays two metres apart and follows the colour co-ordinated one-way system that has been installed at Trafford Wharf.

There’s also yellow tape blocking off areas, as well as big tripods and very long microphone poles.

The Coronation Street set
The Coronation Street set. Picture: ITV
The Coronation Street set
The Coronation Street set. Picture: ITV

The number of people working in the studio has also been reduced to the 'absolute minimum', while everyone involved has to have their temperature taken as they arrive.

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Location filming has also been stopped, while hugging and kissing scenes are banned, as well as all non-essential use of props.

Corrie stars have also been banned from sipping pints as producer Iain MacLeod said “taking eating and drinking out” would help stop the spread of COVID-19.

He said: “If you consider that every time somebody touches something that has been bought in from our buying team, then been placed on set by somebody from our design team — that’s three possible chains of transmission for any virus particles that might be on any of their hands.”

The Coronation Street set
The Coronation Street set. Picture: ITV
The Coronation Street set
The Coronation Street set. Picture: ITV

Ben Price (Nick Tyldesley) and Jane Danson (Leanne Battersby) are two of the stars back filming as their characters continue to deal with their three-year-old Oliver's mitochondrial disorder diagnosis.

In a post on Instagram, they explained how they've dealt with the changes to filming, with Ben saying: “It was lovely to be back playing Nick in that story. We had 10 scenes and we flew along."

Jane added: "The only difference was that we couldn't touch each other.

"So we found other ways of looking at each other differently."

The scenes filmed with social distancing measures will begin from Friday July 24, with some storylines featuring the coronavirus pandemic.

Iain said: "There will be a sprinkling of it in dialogue and you'll see people washing their hands and social distancing and a lot of businesses will be operating as takeaways.”

Elderly cast members are also not returning to the studio as of yet, as well as high risk and children as well.

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