How old are Jay Brown and Honey Mitchell in EastEnders?

23 December 2020, 08:21

Honey and Jay were caught kissing in EastEnders
Honey and Jay were caught kissing in EastEnders. Picture: BBC

How old is Jay in EastEnders and what is Honey's age? Find out everything...

EastEnders viewers were shocked during Tuesday evening’s episode when Honey Mitchell and Jay Brown kissed.

Honey set up a local event for people to spread some festive cheer, however disaster struck when the fridge broke.

Luckily, Jay turned up with a catering team and saved the day just in time for the event to go ahead without a glitch.

As Honey thanked Jay for his help, they unexpectedly started kissing, with poor Billy walking in at exactly the wrong moment.

Honey and Jay had been growing close for a few weeks, following Honey’s horrific sexual assault.

Honey and Jay were caught kissing in EastEnders
Honey and Jay were caught kissing in EastEnders. Picture: BBC

But fans of the show were gobsmacked by the scenes as Honey has known Jay since he was a young boy.

So, what is Honey and Jay’s age gap and how old are they? Here’s what we know…

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How old is Jay in EastEnders?

Jay was born in October 1994, making him 26-years-old.

The character - played by Jamie Borthwick - first appeared on The Square back in 2006.

After the death of his dad, Jase, Billy became like a father figure to Jay and adopted him.

Jay was also in a relationship with Billy’s granddaughter Lola until they split earlier this year.

How old is Honey in EastEnders?

Honey - played by Emma Barton - is 44-years-old, so there is an age gap of around 18 years.

She married Billy in 2006 but they split up after she discovered he had cheated on her with Tina Carter.

Honey and Jay are not biologically related, but they are both closely linked to the Mitchell family and have known each other since Jay was about 12-years old.

This comes after Honey was drugged by her date Paul earlier this year and passed out in an alley.

Jay found Honey and called for an ambulance, before staying by her side as she reported her attacker to the police.

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